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Bushtucker foods prepared and served on our tours.

Bushtucker  River  and Winery Tours are famous for hosted Winery Wild food Luncheons!
Served with care, our  Wild food meals feature  20 gourmet Australian foods that are explained and experienced with your Nature and Wine guide. (Gluten Free=GF , Vegetarian=V)

River and Wine Tour  Dishes include:

  • Cashew, Bush Tomato and Native Pepper Pesto (V)
  • Slow smoked and marinated Emu slices (GF)
  • Lemon Myrtle and Basil Pesto (GF V)
  • Slow roasted Margaret River Beef (GF)
  • Tasty slow smoked Kangaroo (no trans fat or cholesterol) (GF)
  • Margaret River matured Cheddar (GF V)
  • Native Wattle Seed and Bush Tomato bread(GF V)
  • Gluten free sunflower bread (GF V)
  • Wild Chilli and Jackfruit Sambal (GF V)
  • Local Olives (GF V)
  • Sundried spiced Tomatoes (GF V)
  • Marinated BBQ Mushroom dish (GF V)
  • Native Lime and Mango Chutney (GF V)
  • Mt Barker Chicken Breast (GF)
  • Australian Bush Tomato Chutney (GF V)
  • Wild Bunya Nuts (GF V)
  • Fresh Green Salad (GF V)

Seasonal wildfoods include:

  • Rosella fruit bush tomatoes  (GF V)
  • Wild red oranges(GF V)
  • Surprise Limes(GF V)
  • Native Western Australian spices (Wattle Seed, Native Pepper, Lemon Myrtle)(GF V)
  • Crocodile meat (V)
  • Australia Witjudi Grubs are optional but very tasty!  (tell your friends!!) – if in season (GF)
  • Eggplant Vegetarian slice (GF V)
  • Wild Rosella Hibiscus (GF V)
  • Blood Limes/Wild Orange (GF V)
  • Quondong Native Peaches (GF V)
  • Fresh river plants  on the canoe tour (GF V)
  • Margaret River Beef
Wildfood.Winery lunches are served at a Winery Restaurant .


Dietry requiements are  no problem, we cater to all requests!

*River Tours include the wider range of raw Wild Foods*

*Winery Tours include Native Gourmet dishes with a small selection of Wild Foods*

The River Bushtucker Tour has the added outdoor experience of collecting Wild Foods during the tour.

The Gourmet Winery / Brewery Bushtucker Tour experiences the Bush Foods served at a restaurant, hosted by your tour guide and complimented by wine tasting.